Please sign our petition for change! [EDITED]

[UPDATE: we have closed our original petition in order to deliver the signatures to the Dallas City Council at our briefing this week, but we are still gathering signatures to add to the original petition before the Council votes on June 25 – CLICK HERE for the new petition location and please sign!] 

Dallas Animal Advocates have created an online petition in support of the proposed city ordinance changes – please join us in gathering 10,000 signatures to present to Mayor Leppert and the members of the Dallas City Council.

Click here to sign the petition – and thank you for your support! 


One Response to “Please sign our petition for change! [EDITED]”

  1. Sondra York Says:

    Please please consider passing this ordinance. I have been in Animal Rescue for over 25 years and have never seen a change in the amount of animals euthanized. It just goes on and on year after year after year. We HAVE to do something and soon. It is just not right for animals to have to give their lives due to irresponsible pet owners.

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