Your Tax Dollars at Work

Do you think more people would care about spay/neuter legislation if they received an honor roll of all the animals euthanized in city shelters every year at their expense?

Imagine if you received the following notice with your W2 each year – would it make you care more about reducing the number of unwanted pets roaming the streets or entering shelters?

Dear Taxpayer,

This year, a percentage of your tax dollars enabled us to find homes for 1400 unwanted pets and funded 27,000 euthanizations.

Here are some of the unwanted pets we processed this year (perhaps each photo would have the animal’s name and either adoption or death date associated with it):



Jul 2007 101


And on, and on… you get the picture. Is that what it will take for people to see the problem and demand that something is done about it?


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