Spay/Neuter petition gains momentum [EDITED]

[UPDATE: we have closed our original petition in order to deliver the signatures to the Dallas City Council at our briefing this week, but we are still gathering signatures to add to the original petition before the Council votes on June 25 – CLICK HERE for the new petition location and please sign!] 

We have over 200 300! signatures on our petition today – another big THANK YOU to all who have signed and to everyone who tells their friends and family about it!

We are hoping to have 10,000 people support our request to the Dallas City Council – people of Dallas, don’t sit back! These are your tax dollars at stake – would you prefer to have better roads and schools, or spend those dollars continuing to euthanize unwanted pets in the city’s shelters?

Have your say – sign the petition today and say pet overpopulation is not OK!


2 Responses to “Spay/Neuter petition gains momentum [EDITED]”

  1. patr1342 Says:

    wow, keep up the signing good work!

  2. Nearly 300 signatures already!

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