Dallas Dogs

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are just a few pictures. We hope they help you understand why we’re asking the Dallas City Council to consider new ordinances such as mandatory spay/neuter.

Fewer animals on the street mean fewer animals in shelters – which means shelters can keep animals longer, increasing their chances of adoption. It also means far fewer animals will be killed when they can’t find a home.


This pregnant pit bull mommy was captured off the street and brought to Dallas Animal Services. She was ultimately euthanized.


Dallas Animal Services were only able to catch three of these strays.


This lactating pit bull momma was found wandering the streets and fed by a volunteer. No word on her pups.


Stray dogs mating. One reason why Dallas has such a problem with pet overpopulation.

Please sign our petition to support changes to the existing Dallas animal codes!


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