Free Hugs get 10,000 signatures, can we do the same?

Free hugs make people feel great.

Saving animals’ lives could makes people feel even better.

If 10,000 people can sign a petition in support of free hugs in Sydney Australia, the city of Dallas should be able to find 10,000 people to sign a petition to save animals’ lives.

Step up Dallas! Click here to sign the petition!


2 Responses to “Free Hugs get 10,000 signatures, can we do the same?”

  1. The city has tried to allow it’s citizens to decide whether to sterilize-it did not work. The killing of some 25,ooo strays is pathetic proof of that. Furthermore, the funds required for this can be used in more productive ways.

  2. urbancritter Says:

    577 signatures so far – keep it up, Dallas! your animals thank you!

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