Responsible breeder: Oxymoron

Dallas Morning News, Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In the controversy surrounding the proposed animal ordinances for the city of Dallas, I continue to hear the term “responsible” breeder. What could possibly be responsible about facilitating the production of litter after litter of puppies and kittens into an area where there is a hideous overpopulation of them already?

Hundreds of thousand of animals are killed in North Texas each year – healthy, sweet, loving animals that will be killed by needle or gas chamber in a municipal shelter or by car, criminal, disease, abuse or torture otherwise.

We cannot kill enough of them to impact the problem while the breeders continue their disgusting, yet lucrative, hobby. Please take up hiking, knitting or reading – anything that does not contribute to the misery, pain, suffering and death of other animals.

Beverly Fyfe, Richardson


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