Keep signing, Dallas! [EDITED]

[UPDATE: we have closed our original petition in order to deliver the signatures to the Dallas City Council at our briefing this week, but we are still gathering signatures to add to the original petition before the Council votes on June 25 – CLICK HERE for the new petition location and please sign!] 

Almost 800 people have signed our petition in support of the proposed ordinance changes, specifically the spay/neuter provision – let’s beat 1,000 signatures this week, Dallas!

Remember we’re trying to get 10,000 people to support this, if you want the Dallas City Council to be able to address the pet overpopulation issue, click here to sign our petition now!


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  1. urbancritter Says:

    Almost 900 signatures on Friday morning – can we get 100 Dallas residents to sign in a day so we hit 1000 by the end of the week? Sign, Dallas – SIGN!

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