Did you know?

In 2006, the AKC – the organization behind the opposition to the passage of our City’s proposed spay/neuter ordinance – made a profit of 13 MILLIION dollars.  They took in more than 35 MILLION licensing and certified pure bred dogs alone.   At the end of 2005, they had over 41 MILLION in Money Market and investment funds.  Their interest in stopping spay/neuter is monetary. 

Did you know that in 2005, the AKC paid over 2 MILLION dollars in compensation to seven key executives, including over 1/2 million to their President and Chief Executive Officer? 

Did you know that an estimated 20% of dogs registered by AKC are products of puppy mills? 

Did you know that the sale of puppies and kittens to the public is taxable income according to the IRS?  Those sales are also subject to Texas State Sales Tax? 

Did you know that it costs the City of Dallas $155 to hold an animal the required 72 hours and then euthanize it?  That includes the animals surrendered by backyard breeders because they are unable to sell the “rejects”.  30,000 X $ 155 – $ 4,805,000.00.  We are in many cases subsidizing backyard breeders!  They create the problem and the taxpayer pays to clean it up.

The City of Dallas spends $5 million annually on animal-related services.  In comparison, the Dallas Police Department is asking for $ 4.3 million to hire 200 new police officers.   Wouldn’t your tax dollars be better spent on law enforcement than euthanazia?

If this information makes you mad, then DO SOMETHING.  It only takes a second to sign the petition.  It only takes a moment to contact your City Council representative and the Mayor!  It only takes a few minutes to write a Letter To The Editor of the Dallas Morning News.  It only takes an hour or so to sign up for, and speak at a City Council meeting in support of the ordinances!

Together we can make this happen!  Do your part – ACT NOW – beore it is too late!


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    Wow, they can afford to pay for the license.

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