You Can't Even Pay Some People to Do the Right Thing!

In February and March of this year, the Metroplex Animal Coalition conducted a free spay/neuter blitz in the 75212 zip code. In addition to free surgeries, all residents of 75212 were offered a free, $25.00 WalMart Gift Card with the completion of their animal’s surgery. A courtesy van came to the zip code to make it extremely easy for residents to drop off their animals early in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon.

MAC completed surgeries on 116 animals in those two months. In March there were 61 appointments made by the residents of 75212 and 31 residents were no-shows. Yes – that’s right – more than half the people didn’t bother to show up even though they would get a card that could have paid for gas or groceries – free!

This behvior cost the organization performing the surgeries a good deal of money that was guaranteed to the veterinarians involved, and cut short the goals for the MAC program for this zip code. These residents just couldn’t be bothered to do the right thing even when there was a lot in it for them. This exercise alone proves that we need a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance along with strong enforcement.

Enforcement of the ordinances we have now is simply not enough. People must be requried to spay or neuter their pets or pay a breeder fee. Otherwise most Dallas residents will not do the right thing – we’ve just proven that.


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  1. No More Pets Says:

    I agree. Spay and neuter every dog and cat in the country – in the world. After a decade or so, there will be NO MORE PETS. You animal rights people really know what you are talking about. Keep on fighting the war to eliminate ownership of pets. After all, that IS the REAL agenda here.

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