Backyard Breeder wants $ 206,000 compensation for lost future litters

There is an interesting article in today’s Dallas Morning News about a couple who is suing the Denton animal shelter for inadvertently euthanizing their dog.  It’s a sad story and I feel so sorry for these folks. 

Interestingly, they are suing for $ 206,000 “for the loss of the dog and future breeding opportunities”.  That’s a lot of money for potential future litters of puppies.  Makes it hard to argue that a $500 breeder registration fee would put all breeders out of business.

You can read the whole article by following the


2 Responses to “Backyard Breeder wants $ 206,000 compensation for lost future litters”

  1. Wendy Shaffmaster Says:

    Anyone can sue anyone else for any amount of money and make ridiculous claims. Claims such as this man’s claim of “loss of stud fees”. He owns a mixed breed dog, not a purebred dog and his claim of “loss of stud fees” will be most interesting to watch as he tries to PROVE past income from said dog. My guess is that he’s (as my husband would say) “smoking cheap dope”! Either that or he has other hallucinations of greatness.

  2. rpoling Says:

    You can see the video of the owner, his six puppies and two breeding females here:

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