RPOA gets it all wrong again

Another email arrived over the weekend from the RPOA folks in San Antonio – you know, the group that claims they are “the only animal organization in Texas that is NOT “animal rights.”  Yeah, they really say that.

Here are some of the most outrageous claims in their latest email:

1. “The Dallas ordinance clearly confirms the “animal rights” agenda as there
would be no more mixed breeds in their city — no breeding at all unless
permission is granted by the Dallas Animal Services director to certain
“show breeders” and their property is zoned commercially. “ [Yes, the ordinance just limits permit applicants to those responsible breeders who breed dog or cat breeds covered by national registries such as the American Kennel Club which maintain and enforce a code of ethics.   Trust me, we’re never going to run out of mutts.  Ever.  Our ordinances have nothing to do with zoning – nothing!

2. “For 17 years, RPOA has exposed their [the “Dallas Animal Rights Brigade”] extreme agenda to end all use of animals, including pet ownership and blocked their efforts until the San Antonio ordinance passed last December after a year long battle….. SA city council threw common sense to the wind this time and their animal problems are exacerbated as we warned they would be.” [If anyone meets one of these “Dallas Animal Rights Brigade” members, will you let us know? They sound scary. By the way, San Antonio is in the 2nd year of their 5-year plan to become a no-kill city and should be applauded for their efforts.]

3. “The American Humane Association Animal Shelter Reporting Study (1991-1992)
states: Percentage of purebred dogs in shelters is 7.3% and the percentage
of purebred cats in shelters is 0.9%. This has been confirmed by past San Antonio animal control directors and RPOA who has been rescuing purebreds from there since we first organized. Animal rights activists lie and say 25% of animals euthanized are purebreds.” [Maybe 16-17 years ago, those smaller percentages were accurate, but that was before the proliferation of backyard breeders. More and more purebred puppies are being dropped off at Dallas Animal Services each year.  Why else would there be so many breed rescues in town?  And by the way, Dallas is not San Antonio. Every city is unique and their statistics are different. San Antonio’s numbers are not reflective of the numbers here in Dallas.]

4. “The Dallas “Animal Rights” Brigade has launched a full scale attack on the
American Kennel Club and Responsible Pet Owners Alliance because we stand in
the way of getting their legislation passed in Texas.” [Again with that “brigade” thing. Odd. And last time I checked we weren’t attacking the AKC. We’re sure not calling anyone names or putting out misinformation in an attempt to work up support. The facst speak for themselves. Although we did point out how much money was involved in breeding and who stands to benefit financially if mandatory spay/neuter fails.]


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