Think there aren’t dangerous dogs and breeders in your neighborhood? Think again.

I heard an interesting story today. It seems there is a pit bull breeder in my neighborhood – a “backyard breeder.” Yep, someone’s breeding pit bulls and their offspring in a garage right here in Prestonwood.

Well, because the garage is hot (duh), this breeder keeps the garage door open just enough to let some air in – and just enough for 2 dogs to squeeze out and promptly attack and kill a neighbor’s dog.

When my pet groomer heard about the attack she called Dallas Animal Services.  They informed her that because there are no pet limits in Dallas, no requirements for responsible breeding, and because the garage meets the definition for acceptable shelter under current law, their hands are tied – there is not much they can do – now. But if the city council adopts the proposed new ordinances on June 25th, DAS could tackle this kind of problem in four ways – tighter dangerous dog laws, mandatory spay/neuter, breeder registration, and pet limits.  (Please sign the petition in support of these ordinances!)

The 2 offending dogs are in quarantine now, but in 10 days they will either go back to the breeder if he or she pays the required fees or be surrendered at the shelter to be euthanized. But no worries – I’m sure there are plenty left in the garage

Bad enough they are breeding dogs in a garage in an upscale residential neighborhood, but isn’t it odd they are breeding pits when there are hundreds in the shelter every day? Not too many people want them as pets. Hmmm…wonder who they’re selling them to and for what purpose?


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