How much is that doggie in the "Internet"?

Yeah, used to be you’d get your pooch at the “pet store”.  Nowadays, the good pet stores like Petsmart and Petco don’t sell dogs and cats.  Yes, you can adopt rescue dogs from them, but they don’t sell dogs and cats.  For that, you get to search any number of sources not just the rescue organizations.  Though, heaven knows, there are all kinds of breed rescue groups.  Often filled with the dog “du jour”. 

If you are dying to have a pure bred dog, and, let’s face it, there are lots of wonderful breeds out there, you can go online and find folks who are more than willing to sell you a pet.  Here are the prices of some of the dogs we recently found on line:
English Bulldog pups       $2,150
French Bulldog puppies   $1,550
Renegade Staffords          $1,000
Havenese puppies              $500
Poms                               $1,250
Yorkies                              $999 and up
Argan Poodles                 $1,500
Maltese                              $700
Siberian Huskies                $650
Pitbull puppies                   $300
American Bulldogs              $750
Adult Pitbull                       $500
Chihuahuas                        $325
Border Collie                      $250
AKC Yellow Lab pups         $500
Shih Tzu                             $250 and up
AKC Yorkies                       $350

Hmmm, when you see these prices, it makes you wonder “why exactly are the breeders fussing so much about paying a $500 breeder fee?’.

It’s like what Gordon Gekko said in the 1987 movie Wallstreet:  Greed is good.

Well, only if you are the breeder.  Not if you are the unwanted bred dog.  Or a puppy mill dog.  At that point, greed is just plain cruel. 

Sign the petition to support the new Dallas Ordinances.  Sign the petition to support mandatory spay/neuter.  Those who want to breed still can, they will just have to pay for the priviledge. 


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