This is what horrifying boredom looks like

No respite from the heat

Take a look at the dogs in these pictures.  They are TETHERED 24×7.  Every day. 

If it’s raining and there’s mud everywhere, they are caked in mud.  When it’s 103 degrees outside, there they are, panting like there is no tomorrow.  In fact, they probably are wishing that that day was their last day.  But no, they get to live every day of their life at the end of an 8 foot chain.  Yes, their “owner” comes outside to feed them and give them water.  But, that’s no way for a social creature to live.  It’s Gitmo for dogs.

It\'s a dog\'s life - and that\'s not a good thingWhen the new Dallas Ordinances are passed, the woman who owns this wretched house (go see it, it’s visible from Denton Drive and is on Brookfield Ave) and treats these dogs with  such unending cruelty will be in violation of the law.  She will be “informed” or “educated” by the kind folks at DAS about the errors of her ways and will be given the chance to correct the problem.  If she doesn’t, she’ll be charged with a Class C misdemeanor for each of the dogs on the property.

 Hopefully, that’ll get her to see that you can’t take a living creature and put it at the end of chIt\'s hot, it\'s boring, it\'s wrongain for every day of its life.

I’m all for that, and I hope you are too.  But, this is only possible if we pass the new ordinances.  Otherwise, the never-ending solitary confinement of these dogs will continue until they die.  How overwhelmingly sad for them.  And for those of us who think Dallas should be a humane city.

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