Our online petition has moved

THANK YOU to the 2,502 people who signed our original petition! We have now closed that petition in order to submit signatures to the Dallas City Council at our briefing with them this week, however YOU CAN STILL SIGN our new petition – click here – we want to make sure your voice is heard!

in addition to signing the petition, there are other ways you can help.

Call or email the Dallas City Council members who represent your district to let them know you support the proposed ordinance changes – a full list of Council members by district is available on our City Council page – click here.

You can also attend the City Council meetings on Wedndesday June 18 and June 25 to show your support – your presence is an eloquent statement – to the council, presence equals support.

The Council votes on June 25 – you have time to be heard, please speak out for the animals of Dallas!


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