Cui Bono (who benefits)?

They\'re your tax dollars - have your say!

Opponents of the proposed changes to the Dallas City animal ordinances are operating out of self interest. Whether they are trying to protect their income (taxed or not, as the case may be), a power base, a lobbying interest, or they have some other motivation – it comes down to self interest.

They’re not interested in the fact that your hard-earned tax dollars are being used to pay for the consequences of their self-interest (hey, some of these back yard breeders aren’t even paying taxes on their breeding income, so why would they care if you have to pay more to compensate?) – and it goes beyond simply the direct shelter costs of housing and needlessly euthanising animals.

Your tax dollars are being spent on sanitation – disposing of thousands of euthanised animals in the city’s landfills; cleaning up after packs of stray dogs who freely foul up the streets; transporting and dealing with the dead strays and abandoned animals that litter the city – animals who have died in dog fights, from exposure or thirst/starvation after being chained up without shelter, food or water, abused and neglected animals – many of whom may be carrying diseases.

Your tax dollars are spent on healthcare – including the doctors appointments and prescription anti-depressants required by disturbed shelter workers, for whom the need to euthanise healthy animals poses a very real mental and physical heath risk – see our post on this here. Not to mention the public health risk of the stray and abandoned dogs roaming the city.

But the opponents of the ordinance changes don’t care about YOUR interests.

Are you OK with your tax dollars implicitly supporting animal abuse, felonies (such as dog fighting) and public health risks in your city? Because unless some changes are made – that’s exactly what your tax dollars are doing.

Don’t let Dallas be associated with filth, brutality and selfishness – speak out in favor of a more humane, accountable and healthy Dallas where YOUR interests are represented and your tax dollars used more constructively.

What can you do to help?

Whatever you do – don’t do nothing! You can help Dallas be a leader and an example of better standards.



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