The Fairy Dogmother of West Dallas

Angie stands up for Dallas animals, will you?Here’s a story of someone who isn’t acting in her own self interest, but rather in the interests of the animals of West Dallas.  Angie is known as the Fairy Dogmother of West Dallas because of her selfless devotion to animals her neighbors clearly don’t care about. She risks life and limb on a regular basis to feed, fix and find shelter for dogs who are chained outside 24×7, abused, neglected, baited, used for fighting – you name it.

If anyone is more qualified to speak on behalf of these animals, they’d be hard to find. Angie outlines here the legacy Dallas will leave if the proposed ordinance changes are not adopted as a first step towards a higher standard. Here is her story (for more information, or if you’d like to help Angie continue her good work, check out

“My unpaid job 365 days a year for more than a decade has been helping the animals in financially depressed areas of this city.  I feed, water and medicate with shots, worming medication and salve for ears that are bloody from being bitten by insects – as well as provide anything else that I can do in the field.  I transport sick and injured animals to veterinary clinics and pay the fees for their care – or their cremation.  I remove heavy tow truck chains from around their necks when they are unable to stand or lift their heads.  Frequently these chains are embedded in their skin and require surgery to remove.  I beg the owners of these miserable animals to let me put out shelter for them – then try to find a donated dog house if they will allow it.  I beg the owners to let me take their animal for spay or neuter surgery – then make the appointment, pick up the animal before dawn to transport it for the surgery and finally return it to its home where it will again be left outside on a chain, in the dirt, to live out the remainder of its pathetic existence.  At least after the surgery it will not be making more – more – more animals for me to care for.  Daily, I see and report animal abuse, including female Pit Bulls in season tied to a fence for forced breeding with the male Pits that are brought to this party by their owners.  I have picked up the remains of dogs left outside on chains at night, after they were killed by other dogs.  Some of the dogs that kill belong to neighborhood citizens and are deliberately set loose on the chained dog – as training for the next dog fight.  There are horrible cases of abuse and neglect.  A common sight is an animal’s ears cut off at the skull.  If it makes it through the trauma of being held down and having its ears cut off with no pain killer – and if it survives the infection that usually follows – this is a sure sign that it will be or has been fought.  These animals desperately need your help.  Please, please help them and pass the proposed ordinances.”

Angie shouldn’t have to bear this burden but nobody else is stepping up. Your support could put the weight of law behind Angie’s efforts, and help leave a more positive legacy in Dallas. Angie – and the animals of West Dallas – thank you!


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  1. Niloofar Asgharian Says:

    Dear Angie, I am with Dogs Deserve Better. I would like to volunteer with you. Thanks, Nili

    Niloofar Asgharian 682-554-0408 (M) Arlington, Texas
    1. US Representative: Vafa Shelter – Village of Kooshkezar, Iran
    Center for Animal Lovers (in Farsi only)
    2. Tarrant County Representative:
    3. Membership Committee: Texas Humane Legislative Network
    “This world is a dangerous place, not only because of the evil doers, but also because of the ones who choose to do nothing about it.” -Albert Einstein

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