Laws are funny!

In case this has been on your list of things to wait for, the wait is over.  As it turns out, being a member of the communist part is no longer a fireable offense in California!   It’s been over 20 years since the Cold War was over and we all know that communism is a failed system and finally, being communist is no longer illegal. 

I’m not a Communist, and I’ve never been one, so of course, this doesn’t impact me a bit.  It just made me chuckle and I thought it would be fun to pass it on.

And, it made me think some about laws.  How they come about, how they can change.  It’s good that some laws change.  In fact, we have only to remember that when the US Constitution was signed only white male property owners could vote.   That goodness we Americans changed all that!

Laws are the tools we have to voice what we want and what we care about. 

We Dallasites have that opportunity in front of us right now with respect to the proposed changes to the Dallas Animal Ordinances.   Take a few minutes to read the changes (you can find them on this blog).  Let’s make Dallas a more humane city, write to your Council person, call the mayor, SHOW UP at the Council Meetings!

Speak up for what you want and for the voiceless animals of Dallas, you’ll feel better about having been a part of the law-making process.


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