Animal control ordinance debate underway at Dallas City Hall

From Dave Levinthal’s Dallas City Hall Blog:

“About 150 people are packed into the Dallas City Council’s main chamber, many in support of the ordinance proposal wearing little stickers with paws on them.

Numerous advocates both for and against the ordinance are signed up to speak before the council.

For now, Forest Turner, Dallas’ interim director of code compliance, which oversees the city animal services department, is briefing the council on proposed changes.”

THANK YOU to all the supporters who turned up today – if you were unable to attend the briefing today, you can still be heard!

What can you do to help?

The council votes next Wednesday, so now is the time to MAKE NOISE and speak on behalf of those who can’t!


One Response to “Animal control ordinance debate underway at Dallas City Hall”

  1. I saw a lady on the news last night speaking before the city council, and she said that if we passed mandatory spay/neuter, that it would only encourage more puppymills to move into the area.

    This is ridiculous. Since when have puppymills cared about the laws, or even public opinion? They will do just as they have always done, and sensible, humane laws will not “encourage them” to produce more, or attract them to the DFW area.

    I would think that since the ordinance makes concessions to breeders, and allows them to continue causing the problems they’ve always caused, that they would actually welcome the MS/N, because it would mean less competition for their own “products”. Why pay $800 for a puppy when your neighbor has one for free?

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