Strays are NOT aliens. They are pets with irresponsible owners!

The other day someone told me that they couldn’t support the mandatory s/n ordinance because strays weren’t pets.  They said the problem is there are  too many strays, not too many pets.  So we should only make s/n mandatory for strays and not for pets. 

In a perfect world, maybe.  But that kind of thinking assumes that all pets have responsible owners so they don’t contribute to the problem – and that’s just not the case.  Consider where the strays came from.  They are owned pets whose owners don’t care, once-owned pets who got lost and no one came for them, or they are the offspring of once-owned pets.  To assume that all the strays on the street are unowned or never-owned animals is a huge leap – strays are not aliens that were beamed here from another planet!  They didn’t get here in a cargo truck that dropped them in our neighborhoods.  They are the product of irresponsible owners who don’t spay/neuter and then don’t keep their pets safe and secure.  They are the offspring of dogs allowed to breed because someone was too busy to get them spayed or neutered, or just didn’t want to.  They are the litters that some pet owners think are nothing more than an annoyance that comes along with owning a pet – kind of like stepping in poo.  Just because you are a responsible pet owner doesn’t mean everyone is! 

We’re not making this stuff up.  Apparently some of us are so sheltered in our own little word, that we simply cannot – or will not – acknowledge the reality.  Irresponsible pet owners outnumber responsible owners in many of our neighborhoods!  And they aren’t gong to spay/neuter their pets unless there is a law.  They are just too busy, too lazy, or simply do not care. 

This is Bandit.  He was a pet.  The first time we saw him loose in our neighborhood, we found where he lived and talked to his owners.  They had a yard and a fence, but the gate no longer closed and they said they’d been too busy to fix it.  They said they loved him, and intended to keep him.  They’d thought about getting him fixed but had been to busy.  And they weren’t worried because he would just stay around.  We told them if they needed help with the spay/neuter and/or re-homing him if that became necessary to let us know, but they declined our offers.  Not surprisingly, we continued to see him on the street from time to time, or laying in their front yard.  Then one day in August of 1991 those same people – who told us they loved him so much – moved away and left him behind.   If he had any food or water, he ran out quickly and left his yard to try and find his family. An un-neutered dog wandering the neighborhood.

Does that make him a stray?  Or the pet of an irresponsible owner?  You tell me.


2 Responses to “Strays are NOT aliens. They are pets with irresponsible owners!”

  1. urbancritter Says:

    Who would abandon such a gorgeous animal?!

  2. Toniann Says:

    maybe we should spay and neuter some people, would they leave there baby?

    Spay and neuter programs are the best thing

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