What penalty?

The mandatory s/n ordinance does not penalize any legitimate breeder. It only exempts them from penalties. Check the dictionary. Read the ordinance. The $70 permit fee is just that – a minimal fee charged to people who make money by producing puppies and kittens, and responsible or not, they contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. That $70 fee has been calculated specifically to cover the cost of administering a program to register legitimate breeders for exemption.

Would you rather we raise everyone’s taxes to cover that cost – thereby asking every citizen of Dallas to literally subsidize local breeders? They make money adding more kittens and puppies to the pet population while you pay the City to catch and kill all the extras! Are you willing to accept that?

And what about savings? I haven’t heard any breeders consider that. The cost of enforcing this new ordinance will quickly be offset by the savings to the City! As the numbers of animals impounded drops, the savings to taxpayers increases dramatically. We paid $155/animal last year for our City to catch and kill 27,000 strays and unwanted animals -some surrendered by neighborhood breeders who couldn’t sell them and didn’t want them anymore.

No this is not a penalty. It’s a fee to offset the cost to make breeders exempt. Don’t let the City give away more of your money by continuing to subsidize the money-making activities of breeders.


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