An Expert Pleas for Ordinance Support!!

As someone who has been actively involved in animal welfare for over 25 years and professionally as Executive Director of Operation Kindness Animal Shelter for 10 ½ years, I know firsthand—and all too well—the extent of the animal overpopulation problem.   

I urge you to support the ordinance provisions regarding the breeding permit.   

 Here are just two examples of why this ordinance is so necessary:

 (1) In February 1995, The Dallas Morning News ran a front-page story on the animal overpopulation problem.  It was accompanied by a photo of a little 20-pound terrier mix and her eight 3-week-old puppies.  There were at the old Oak Cliff Shelter and were going to be put to death that day.  The look on the little dog’s face broke my heart (see below).  I went to the shelter and got the little dog, whose name was Choicey, and all eight puppies to foster for Operation Kindness.  The puppies were adopted when they were old enough, and I adopted Choicey.  I later spoke to her former owner and learned that Choicey was just 3 years old and had had 30 puppies—30!—in her short lifetime.  Her owner was just tired of all those puppies and took them to the “pound” so “they’d find good homes.”  Of course, if the paper hadn’t run her photo, and if I hadn’t seen it, all of them would have been put to death that day.   That was more than 13 years ago.  I still have Choicey, and the crisis of too many unwanted animals still continues.  As you know, last year Dallas Animal Services put to death 27,000 dogs and cats.

 (2) Last week, I had a conversation with a woman who works for my veterinarian. She has three adult dogs, including two unspayed females.  Now she also has 12 puppies!  Both females had litters within weeks of each other.  When I chastised her for contributing to the pet overpopulation problem, she said, “But they weren’t planned!”  THAT IS EXACTLY THE POINT!  She didn’t PLAN these puppies, and now they will probably pay for her irresponsibility with their lives.  Maybe they’ll be lucky and get adopted.  But probably not.   Most likely, they’ll be put to death like tens of thousands of others.

These are perfect examples of why people must be held accountable—why they must be made to take responsibility.  They don’t just contribute to this crisis; they created it.  We cannot keep killing other living beings because their owners were irresponsible, lazy, ignorant.  It is unacceptable for the City of Dallas to have an 83% kill rate.  We can and we must do better.  


Jonnie England

Animal Shelter Commision – District 3

(This is the photo of Choicey and her puppies that ran in The Dallas Morning News on Feb. 28, 1995.)











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