Bob Barker says "the price is right" for mandatory spay/neuter

Animal Lover Bob BarkerIn a letter to Mayor Leppert and the Dallas City Council members last week, Bob Barker – host of the long-running TV show “The Price is Right” – urged the council to approve the ordinances proposed by the Animal Shelter Commission.

Mr. Barker is a passionate proponent of the benefits of spay/neuter programs, and even formed the DJ&T Foundation in honor of his late wife and mother in 1995 which spends millions of dollars a year helping to defray costs for spay/neuter clinics throughout the nation.

The Dallas City Hall Blog posted a link to Mr. Barker’s letter – which you can view here or on our Letters page, along with many other letters of support that have been sent to the Council recently.

You still have time to do something! Please email or call your City Council Member before next Wednesday’s vote, and urge them to approve these new ordinances – and if you can, please come to the Council meeting next Wednesday (June 25) to show your support.

Bob Barker urging the Council to approve the changes


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