Dallas Is Going Green! But How Green, Really?

Mayor Tom Leppert has gone on record saying that “Dallas is not only committed to improving the environment, but is committed to being the Greenest City in America.”

The new Dallas Animal Services shelter is doing some laudable and innovative things to reduce its impact on the environment, that have earned it LEED silver certification.  Check out the new shelter’s green initiatives – and some of its green limitations – here

Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center is only one of a handful of LEED certified animal shelters nationwide – a fact that that caught the eye of the producer’s of the documentary “Big Ideas For A Small Planet”, so set your DVR to record!  The June 24 episode, “Animals”, features Dallas’ new 52,000 square foot animal shelter and airs at 8 p.m. on the Sundance channel.

The one big thing holding Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center back from being all it can be is that it doesn’t reduce waste sent to our landfill.  Instead it contributes over a ton of landfill waste EVERY DAY, in the form of euthanized animals’ carcasses.

This goes to show there is nothing green about euthanasia – and until the Dallas City Council can do something about the pet overpopulation problem, Dallas will never be the Greenest city in America.

So here is your chance Dallas – pass Mandatory Spay/Neuter to help address shelter overcrowding and reduce the number of animals sent to the landfill. Help make the shelter truly “green”, and move Dallas one step closer to leading the nation in environmental initiatives and protecting our planet for future generations.


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