Pet Limits – Your questions answered

The portion of the animal ordinances addressing the number of pets per residence in Dallas simply limits a single house to six cats and/or dogs, or a combination thereof. People owning more than a half-acre of land would be allowed eight.

This limit is exclusive of puppies and kittens under six months of age and feral cats in a registered trap, neuter and release program.

PLUS there are two other provisions you should know about:

First, people who currently own a greater number of animals can be grandfathered in provided that all their animals comply with all City ordinances i.e. s/n, registration, etc. There is no fee for this. We’ll have details on the grandfathering process available here soon.

Second, foster families who work with local animal welfare organizations can also register with Dallas Animal Services so you can continue your life-saving work. Foster exemption applications will be considered individually so that we make sure we’re not exempting actual hoarders. And by allowing the director of DAS to consider each foster request individually, we’ve given them the ability to set the limit high for those good, experienced fosters that can handle a lot of animals. Details on this process soon also!

So when does all this take effect? The limitation takes effect July 1, but an exception is made for anyone with more pets than the limit until September 25, as long as they provide a list of this pets to DAS by that date. An exception is also made for foster homes as long as they also register by September 25.

For example – if you have 6 or more pets now, it will not be legal to add more pets to your household on or after July 1. But if you have more than 6 pets now, you have until September 25 to provide DAS with a list of those pets so you can be grandfathered in.

Or if you are fostering now, you just need to make certain that you get your registration in by September 25.

We’ll have more information available soon, so check back often! We’re hoping to make all the forms and instructions for grandfathering and foster exemption available here shortly.


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