Winning campaigns cost money

I think it goes without saying that we owe a debit of gratitude to all of you who supported our efforts on behalf of Dallas’ pets. Your time, talent, and commitment are what made this campaign a success. But the reality is that campaigns cost money. Money for printing – fliers, postcards, reminder cards; money for postage – for the snail mail campaign; and money for the office supplies used to create the DAA reference notebooks presented to Council (you may remember Dr. Garcia holding one up during the Council meeting). Donations never met expenses, leaving us facing unpaid bills and volunteers in need of reimbursement. The dollars are not huge – a little over $ 5,000, and worth every penny!  

Can you help?  Donate online at (just check the Dallas Animal Advocates box).  Or send a check payable to Metroplex Animal Coalition to MAC, 8333 Douglas, Suite 1350, Dallas, Texas 75225.  Questions?  Email



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