Bob Barker Campaigns in Chicago for Spay/Neuter

Bob Barker is helping to drive the issues of pet overpopulation and the need for responsible Spay/Neuter onto the national agenda.

The charming and passionate former host of “The Price is Right” spoke out in support of Spay/Neuter legislation in California. He helped us successfully lobby the Dallas City Council to introduce mandatory Spay/Neuter ordinances in our City.

And now, he’s actively encouraging the city of Chicago to become the next community to embrace the promise of spay and neuter, presenting to a standing ovation at Chicago City Hall last Tuesday, July 29.

View The CBS Video Coverage.

Supporters at Tuesday’s hearing outnumbered opposed by almost 2 to 1, and so many people were waiting to comment that they couldn’t get to everyone and the committee was adjourned for a future hearing.

But it’s going to take more than a huge turnout of supporters and Bob Barker’s charisma and persuasion to get these measures passed. Frenzied underground animal breeders from around the country are assaulting the Chicago Council Members daily with bluster and misinformation about spay and neuter programs and they need to continuing hearing from reasonable pet lovers who support common sense spay and neuter programs.

The session adjournment gives you time to help Chicago follow in the footsteps of other cities, like Dallas, that have adopted mandatory Spay/Neuter provisions!

Here’s what you can do: Please call (or if possible, call and fax) the following Chicago Aldermen:

Committee on Finance:
– Chairman EDWARD M. BURKE (Sponsor, no need to contact)
– Vice-Chairman PATRICK J. O’CONNOR
      Phone 773-769-1140, Fax 773-769-3804, Phone 312-744-6858, Fax 312-744-7248.

Committee on License and Consumer Protection:
      Phone 773-348-8400, Phone 312-744-3180, Fax 312-744-4021
      Phone 773-261-4646, Fax 773-261-8687, Phone 312-744-3070

If you have time, feel free to contact other Council Members too, by leaving polite messages for them requesting that they support the proposed animal ordinances – every call and fax counts and the animals of Chicago will thank you with their lives!


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