Looking for Volunteers – how you can help

Getting the Dallas City Council to make changes in the law is one thing, but to make sure those laws can be upheld takes education and the support of the community. We are looking for people to help us spread the word and help the city’s animals. If you are interested in the volunteer opportunities below, please send email to dallasanimaladvocates @ gmail.com (no spaces).

  • We need volunteer(s) to research pet-friendly blogs in our area that might be willing to post information about the new ordinances – if you have a blog, please consider posting about the ordinances!
  • We need a volunteer to put together an email list of groomers, boarding & daycare facilities in the DFW area.
  • Know anyone at Petco? Who can we talk to at the corporate office about getting their stores to post information?
  • Media moguls! We need contact information for the folks at Dig Fido.
  • We need someone to research homeowner’s associations in South Dallas.

Your efforts make a difference to the people and animals of Dallas!


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