The Forms! The Forms!

Forms are now available on the City of Dallas’ website for the following:

-The grandfathering exception under the new Pet Limits law,

-The fostering exemption under the new Pet Limits law,

-Permits for intact animals under the new Intact Animals law

Here is the link –
Forms are available in both Word or PDF format. 

A few things you need to know. 

-The application for fosters must be notarized.  A Notary Public is on hand at Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center during normal business hours, although it would be advisable to call first to be sure someone is available.  Or you can have the application notarized elsewhere and mail it in.  Some businesses provide this service, including most banks, and UPS stores will also notarize your signature for a small fee.

-The foster exemption is available to those providing foster care for an organized foster care program approved by the Dallas Animal Services.  If your organization is not already approved to work with Dallas Animal Services, ask them to contact Maggie at for the appropriate forms and instructions.

-The Intact Animal Permit must be accompanied by the required $70 fee, micro chip number, and proof the owner is a member of a purebred dog or cat club approved by DAS or has completed a course on responsible pet ownership.

Once completed, all forms should be returned by mail or in person to Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center, 1818 N. Westmoreland, Dallas, Texas, 75212.

Questions?  Email, or visit the website at


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