Audio from 6/25 Council Meeting

If you weren’t able to make it to the Council meeting on June 25th but were curious about what was said, or if you’d just like to listen again to the wonderful supporters who spoke out on behalf of the Ordinances, you can now listen to the audio recordings from that meeting at the link below.

 The above link will take you to the audio recordings of the June 25, 2008 Dallas City Council meeting where the new ordinances were voted on and approved. 

 The Mayor begins the discussion of the Ordinances at the very beginning of what is labeled as Hour 2. 

 Then Supporter’s remarks begin at approximately 1 hour, 8 minutes into Hour 2 and continue into Hour 3.

 The Council begins their debate during Hour 3 at approximately 42 minutes.

 Dr. Garcia responds to Mr. Natinsky’s motion to delay during Hour 4 at about 25 minutes.

 The final vote is taken during Hour 4 at approximately 30 minutes.




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