DFW Wildlife Coalition website provides answers to urban wildlife questions and concerns

Even when living in a city, you’re sure to run into non-domestic animals.  The DFW Wildlife Coalition website can answer questions and provide information on everything from squirrels, rabbits, and skunks to bats, turtles, and coyotes.   Their goal is to help reduce the number of orphaned and euthanized “wild” animals in the Metroplex by providing public assistance and education programs. 


Their website offers answers/suggestions to popular topics (ducks in your swimming pool, coyotes in your neighborhood, what to do if you find a baby mammal/bird, etc), and also provides helpful educational videos and resources on dealing with wildlife nuisance problems.


If you have a community group that holds regular meetings, the Coalition also offers a program called WildSpeak! This program provides speakers and presentations on topics ranging from gardening and composting to wildlife and birding.  The WildSpeak! presentations are also perfect for homeowner associations interested in learning how to coexist with the wildlife in their neighborhoods.


For more information or to schedule a WildSpeak! presentation, please contact the DFW Wildlife Coalition:


Phone:  (972) 234-WILD (9453)

Email:  info@dfwwildlife.org

Website: www.dfwwildlife.org


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