Pet Registration On The Rise

registrationtagDuring the 2007-2008 fiscal year, Dallas Animal Services registered an average of 4,250 dogs and cats each month. Not a lot in a City where there are an estimated half million pets. But new reports indicate that new registrations have increased significantly in the past few months- an increase that is being directly attributed to the ordinances!

The work that Dallas Animal Services field officers and staff have been doing to educate the public about the new ordinances is working and the increase in registrations is a direct result of that effort. Two of the new ordinances in particular – the pet limits law and the permitting requirement for intact animals – relate directly to recent increases in registration. Families with more than the limit of 6 pets per home (8 on lots larger than 1/2 acre; 4 in homes with shared walls like aparments and duplexes) can only qualify for the grandfathering provision of the new pet limits law if they owned the pets on or before June 25, 2008 AND if all the pets are vaccinated and registered. Intact animal permits can only be issued for animals that meet all the requirements in the new law and are vaccinated and registered.

Is your pet registered? For sterlized pets, all you need to do is send a check for $7 along with proof that your pet is current on its rabies vaccinations (required by State law) to Dallas Animal Services, 1818 N.Westmoreland, Dallas, Texas 75219. Owners of unsterlizied pets

pay $ 30 for registration and are required to have a $70 Intact Animal Permit. Information on obtaining such a permit can be found on the City website at Senior citizens can register up to 5 sterlized pets for free.

If you’d like to spay or neuter your cat, but cannot afford it, the City of Dallas and Metroplex Animal Coalition both have free spay/neuter programs for Dallas residents. Information on BOTH programs can be found on the Metroplex Animal Coalition website at .


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