Thankless Job – Great Rewards

Thanks to the bold effort of DAS’ South Dallas Initiative, countless animals will be spared the often cruel life of being abandoned and neglected by irresponsible pet owners. With the upcoming brutally cold weather, I am reminded of how thankful we should be that DAS has brought the tragic plight of these animals to the forefront.

The harsh reality that only 16% of the animals impounded (150 out of 900) were claimed during the recent initial phase of this initiative should be a real eye opener to the public.

There are some great rewards despite these tragic  numbers of unclaimed animals…. 

  • 600 spay neuter coupons were handed out
  • fewer homeless animals will have to endure a questionable quality of life 
  • opportunities for Dallas Animal Services to educate the citizens about the new ordinances
  •  a “reality check” on the alarming number of animals who wander the streets  dying horrible deaths of starvation, disease, and  trauma from the elements
  • Most importantly, a beginning to the end of  a “disposable pets” philosophy

I would like to thank Kent Robertson and his staff  for taking the necessary steps in magnifying this dilema in a humane way and taking the initiative to do what’s right for these animals , who by no choice of their own, have been left behind.


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