Looking for a Beau?


Well we have one right here, ready to capture your heart and love you unconditionally for the rest of his life!

Today’s featured pet from Dallas Animal Services is Beau, a handsome 9-month-old wire-haired terrier-shepherd mix.  Beau is a very sweet boy who’s good with other dogs.  He’s a little timid on first meeting new people, but quickly warms up to anyone who’s kind to him. 

Beau has been waiting for a home since early December, and you can adopt him, or another great dog or cat, at the Dallas Animal Services Adoption Center, just minutes west of downtown Dallas at 1818 N. Westmoreland and I-30.   Give them a call at 214-671-0249.            

There are lots of benefits to adopting a mix-breed dog like Beau:  

  • Mix breeds are generally better behaved dogs since they tend to get the good qualities of both or all breeds in their lineage;
  • They typically have fewer health problems;
  • Studies show that they usually live a little longer; and
  • Every animal shelter and humane society has an abundance of mix-breed dogs, so you have a wide selection of dogs and puppies to choose from.  

Adopt Beau, or a mix-breed dog like him, and save a life!


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