Heroes rescue over 200 horses, cattle in largest livestock seizure on record – need foster homes, supplies, funds

The Dallas Morning News has reported on developments in an incredible animal rescue in Hill County this weekend.

imageIn what is believed to be the largest horse and livestock cruelty seizure on record, staff and volunteers at the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) undertook the Herculean task this last weekend of relocating over 200 horses, cattle and other livestock that had been rescued earlier in the month from a ranch in Hill County where they had suffered extreme neglect and deprivation. On Friday, Judge Eugene Fulton awarded custody of 169 horses and 67 cattle to the HSNT and it was all hands on deck to get the animals, many of them emaciated and weak, moved from their temporary quarters near Mart, to several new homes.

Unfortunately about 12 of the animals had died since the rescue as a result of stress and severe weather, but in a bittersweet example of Nature’s resilience, a couple of new calves heralded a wave of several new births expected over the next few weeks. 

Amazingly, none of the cattle will be sent to slaughter, as the HSNT has managed to find good homes for all of them. The horses, however, remain a challenge – already the HSNT has incurred costs in excess of $30,000 with ongoing daily care costs exceeding $2,000 a day. While the horses will be accommodated in temporary pastures for the time being, foster and permanent homes urgentimagely need to be found.

Sleep is a scarce commodity at HSNT, as volunteers and staff have been working around the clock through the relocation and beyond, caring for critically ill and starving animals, many of which are not much more than staggering skeletons. These people are checking their horror and heartbreak at the door, and rolling up their sleeves to carry the workload.

You can be a part of this historic rescue – the HSNT needs money, foster homes for rescued horses, volunteers and supplies – here’s a brief list of specific needs:


  • Funding to keep on caring for these animals

  • 10%, 12% and 14% horse feed

  • Strategy brand horse feed

  • Equine Senior Rolled Oats

  • Waterproof winter horse blankets – all sizes

  • Halters and lead ropes

  • New or used lariats

  • Set of 10′ or 12′ corral/cattle panels

  • Anything you think a needy horse can use…

Check out the HSNT website http://hsnt.org for more information on the case and how you can get involved or help – and thank heavens for these people who care so much and are prepared to do whatever they can for these creatures!


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