By The Numbers

tx236_10528889-1-pnSome good news – Dallas Animal Services statistics for 10/1/2008 – 2/28/2009 are out and things are looking up! Compared to the same period last year, adoptions are up a whopping 34%, spay/neuter applications are up 59%, redemptions are up 83%, rescue group transfers up 8%, cat impoundments down 24%. New loose dog initiatives in southern Dallas resulted in the impoundment of over 2,000 dogs, so those numbers are up 9% compared to last year. That was expected and should resolve itself once those neighborhoods are cleaned up and the remaining owned animals spayed or neutered. But even with the extra impoundments, euthanasias are down 2%. The ordinances are working, the division is now fully staffed, and the managers are making things happen. A good first step toward a first-rate shelter for Dallas!


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