Ron Teague Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges.

Ronald Teague, a man who previously hoarded animals and stored dead cats inside a refrigerator in his East Dallas home was arrested again in Plano yesterday on a new Dallas County animal cruelty charge.  Teague was indicted by the Dallas County Grand Jury earlier this month for felony Cruelty to Animals stemming from a July 30 2007, charge in which approximately 60 live and 25 dead animals were found in deplorable conditions inside his East Dallas home. 

This weekend, Plano Animal Services recovered 21 live cats inside the Plano Motel 6 room in which Teague had been living. Many of the cats appeared to be in fairly good condition, but several had obvious signs of illness. There were 3 cats confined in the small bathroom, including the mother to 4 young kittens. One cat had a severe mouth infection, at least one has ringworm, and another was thin and had hair loss. 

Six of the cats were ones that Teague had taken from other individuals, and they were returned to their owners.  The remaining 15 cats were taken to Plano Animal Services for evaluation.  Newspapers found in the motel room suggest that Teague had been collecting cats from classified ads.

Assistant David Alex is working with Plano Police Department to get Teague transferred to the Lew Sterrett jail in Dallas to await trial on the felony cruelty charge. 

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