Lovin’ the new Dallas Animal Services Website!

Dallas Animal Services has re-designed their website at http://dallasanimalservices.org/ – while they’ve introduced a vibrant and contemporary new look and feel, the site’s improvements are more than skin deep.

It’s now super easy to find what you may have come to the site for:  clear buttons help you get right to the point for the most popular actions, while a concise yet comprehensive navigation makes it easy to find other important information you may need. And in case you missed it on the navigation bar, important information such as ordinance updates is also showcased on the page in an attractive and eye-catching banner.

Critical information like hours of operation and location is presented front and center in easy-to-see boxes, and people are encouraged to check out DAS’s pet of the week, showcased prominently and appropriately above the “adoptions” button.

Overall, the site has kept the customer’s needs in mind, with an attractive aesthetic and a functional design – it’s optimistic, action oriented and easy to use.

Here’s a look at how the page hangs together:


Good job, DAS!


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