How to save the planet this Earth Day


In honor of Earth Day today, here are some ways you can contribute to a healthier, more humane planet:

  • Adopt a pet and make sure your pets are spayed or neutered! Addressing animal overpopulation has a direct impact on your local environment by reducing animal waste from strays on the street and cutting down on the damage to local ecosystems – in addition, reducing the number of animals in shelters is also eco-friendly. Remember, euthanasia is not green! Conservative estimates last year indicate that over 425 tons of pet carcasses end up in our city’s landfill each year – well over a ton each and every day – not to mention the sodium pentobarbital used in euthanasia contaminating the land and potentially killing local wildlife. By spaying and neutering your pets, and by adopting or rescuing instead of buying from a breeder, you’re saving lives and saving the planet!
  • Check out – a shopping blog devoted to the green, eco-friendly, pet owner. When you bring your new pet home from the shelter, this blog can help you find environmentally friendly products including toys, beds and blankets, treats and more!
  • Honda is in the process of building a pet-friendly Element, check out the youtube video about the Honda Element EX – the 1st vehicle designed with the comfort and safety of a dog in mind – – Soon you’ll be able to drive your adopted fur kid around in style!
  • Learn about how factory farming is impacting the environment, and consider going vegetarian or vegan – even for just one day a week!  Livestock’s Long Shadow is a UN report on Factory Farming documenting the issues. By eating less factory farmed meat, eggs and dairy you’re helping save even more animals and the planet.

Let’s make the world a better place for ourselves, our children and our animals – Happy Earth Day!


(By UrbanCritter)


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