Two teens arrested in Dallas dog burning

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that two teens have been arrested in the April 4th incident in which two pit bulls, named Hope & Justice by animal welfare advocates, were set on fire and let loose in a Pleasant Grove neighborhood.  The injuries to the dogs were so severe that they could not be saved and had to be humanely euthanized.

Dallas Assistant District Attorney David Alex will be handling the case against the teens. It is our hope that the boys will be tried as adults and held fully accountable to the extent of the law for their actions.

Dallas Animal Services confiscated 7 other dogs at the home where the boys lived.  At a court hearing on April 15th, the owner of the home denied owning the dogs.  A judge later deemed them too dangerous to be rehabbed and ordered them humanely euthanized.

For more info: Find out more about the vigil held for the Hope & Justice, read the remarks made by Companions For Life President, Rebecca Poling at that vigil – learn why animal abuse is not just a pet problem, but a people problem, too, and find out more about the April 15 hearing and the judge’s ruling on the disposition of the dogs.


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