This week is National Be Kind to Animals Week


American Humane Association’s first Be Kind to Animals Week in 1915 marked a new commitment to humane education in the United States. Since then, animal shelters, schools, libraries and community
groups have celebrated the role of animals in our lives with special Be Kind to Animals Week activities each year during the first full week in May.

For educators, May 3-9, 2009, is the perfect time to encourage kindness and compassion in children.

This is a great week to engage kids in animal-related activities to help them learn compassion and recognize the special value our animal companions bring.

American Humane has a great list of thought-provoking and skill-building projects for children of all ages from kindergarten through high school – whether you’re a parent, teacher or otherwise involved with children we’d like to encourage you to work with your kids on one of the projects listed on the site this week – click here for project ideas!

Be Kind to Animals Week isn’t just for kids though – Why not use this week to take some action on behalf of animals in Texas?

When we all pulled together, we were able to change the Dallas City animal ordinances, which goes to show what passionate citizens can do. There are a number of bills currently being considered by the State Legislature that could make Texas a kinder State for animals and your call or letter could make a real difference.

Need some help? The HSUS has a comprehensive guide to citizen lobbying while the ASPCA even has a model letter format that makes it even easier to draft a letter to your representative!

Here are some of the bills pending that you could help pass with your action:

  • Pet Theft bill would allow for a penalty for theft of a pet.
    • Bill Number: TX H.B. 435
    • Who to contact – Bill Sponsor(s): Rep. Eddie Lucio III (D, 38)

  • Pet Protection Order proposes to include pets in protection orders in cases of domestic abuse.
    • Bill Number: TX H.B. 853 & S.B. 1840
    • Who to contact -  Bill Sponsor(s): Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (D. 89) & Sen. Carlos Uresti (D, 19)
  • Puppy Mill bill proposes reasonable licensing and regulation of commercial dog and cat breeders and the regulation of dog and cat dealers.
  • Tethering bill would prohibit cruel tethering of a dog (we helped successfully implement anti tethering ordinances in Dallas City, why not across the State?!)
    • Bill Number: TX S.B. 634
    • Who to contact – Bill Sponsor(s): Sen. Kel Seliger (R, 31)

This week, please be a role model for compassion and help our kids learn the value of being kind to animals. Happy Be Kind To Animals Week!

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