Free or low-cost spay/neuter options in North Texas

image We all know that when finances are tight, people put off important-but-not-urgent-things, like servicing the car, getting that dental checkup – or having the family pet spayed or neutered. We do this even though we know it’s false economy – that the cost of fixing an overheated radiator, or getting a filling, or dealing with an unwanted litter is always more than what it would have cost to prevent the situation in the first place. But money’s tight, so we gamble that the unthinkable won’t happen.

Well we can do things to mitigate risk, like checking our oil before we take the car out, or being extra diligent about flossing, but it’s a lot harder to stop a couple of unfixed animals from getting it on while your back is turned.

To make it easier for pet owners in North Texas to be responsible in spite of tough times Rebecca Poling, President of Companions For Life, wrote this article for the Examiner outlining where people can find free or low-cost spay/neuter programs in the area. Dallas city residents in particular are required to fix their pet by law, so this will help them stay compliant as well.

Many of the organizations she references also offer low-cost vaccinations, micro chipping and wellness services although you may need to call ahead and inquire about any additional charges such as in-heat or pregnancy termination charges or pain medications.

Please note that Texas State law requires all animals to be vaccinated for rabies. A rabies vaccination will be given to any animal not already vaccinated. The rabies vaccination may cost up to $20 over and above the cost of any spay/neuter or wellness services. 

For more info: Already spayed or neutered your pet but need help with the cost of vaccinations?  Animal Allies of Texas is holding a low-cost vaccination clinic July 25th.  Or check out this article on low-cost clinics open year-round.   Visit these links to find out what vaccinations are recommended for your cat, or for your dog.

So now there’s no excuse – you can be a responsible pet owner even if your wallet is a little lean, and by preventing unwanted litters, you’re saving lives!


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