Different ways of contributing to animal shelters and rescue groups

The latest Examiner.com article by Companions For Life President Rebecca Poling gives peoples various options for donating to animal shelters and rescue groups without necessarily having to write a check.

In these tight times, cash donations are down as people tighten their belts – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on giving altogether! Volunteer time and in-kind donations are just as valuable as cash, and both businesses and individuals can donate services such as printing, copying, cleaning, grooming, vet care and more. Remembering your local charity in your Will is another way of giving, and of course anyone who is lucky enough to work for a company that matches donations should absolutely take advantage of that “free money”!

As Rebecca points out, “No matter how you donate, the important thing is that you contribute what you can.” We’re all in this together!!


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