August 12 is Adopt-a-less-adoptable-pet day!

Pet AdoptionEvery shelter has them – the pets nobody thinks of or wants, for whatever reason: superstition; fear; misunderstanding; indifference… That big, black dog or “bully breed” who might otherwise have been a loyal and loving companion; the senior cat who still has years of mellow love to give; the special-needs pet who is an inspiring example of adaptability and courage – these animals are passed over time, and time again, for the adorable kitten (the result of an unwanted litter thanks to someone not bothering to spay/neuter their pet); the fashionable breed dog that fits in a handbag; the pet that looks like the star of a movie…

These hard-to-adopt pets don’t deserve to languish in a shelter, or ultimately be euthanized, simply because they’re different – they’re every bit as special as any other animal needing a home! Which is why Petfinder has designated August 12 as "Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day” – Shelters and rescue groups across North Texas will be showcasing their hard-to-adopt pets on August 12th as one more way to help end the euthanasia of adoptable pets.

Are you looking for a new pet? Will you consider broadening your criteria to include an older pet, or one with medical needs? Get to know that big black dog hiding in the back of his cage, or that midnight-colored cat. Pet a pit bull and see how his heart just bursts with joy and the hope that you might want him to join your family! Learn about how easily some medical conditions are managed and realize it’s not so hard after all…

Petfinder survey on which pets are the hardest to place –


Please consider those hard-to-adopt pets – with hundreds more dogs hitting Texas shelters this week after yet another massive puppy mill bust, finding homes for pets already waiting to be adopted is even more critical!

For more info: The Metroplex Animal Coalition has a list of more than 50 member groups, many of whom will be participating.  Or go straight to

Let’s open our minds – and our hearts on August 12!


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