A group that works to unchain dogs

When this group of animal advocates worked together to champion the new city ordinances adopted in Dallas last year, one of those laws specified (among other things) that a dog cannot be tethered unless it is in the immediate possession and control of its owner – or it can only be tethered for no longer than is necessary (less than 3 hours) for the owner to complete a temporary task.

If a dog has to be confined outdoors, it must be in a fenced yard or other pen or structure that:  (i) is capable of preventing the escape of the dog;  (ii) has at least 150 sq. ft. of space per adult dog; and (iii) provides the dog access to the inside of a building, a dog house or other type of shelter.

In North Carolina, a positive, upbeat group of people called Coalition to Unchain Dogs is doing awesome work proactively reaching out to dog owners in that state and helping them comply with laws like this by building fenced areas in which a dog can live unchained.

Check out this video of one of their recent projects – it’s a joy to see how happy and grateful that dog is when his heavy chain is removed and he can run free! You can see more happy stories on their website – http://unchaindogs.net/tails.html.


These groups are doing great work – not only do they ensure spay/neuter services are provided to dogs they help, but their positive stance is more likely to change minds and open hearts of people who think it’s OK to chain their dog than just about anything else.


Fences for Fido

Dogs Deserve Better

Helping Animals

Mothers Against Dog Chaining

Chained dogs are unhappy, unsafe and dangerous – please don’t leave your dog tethered all day – find a group who can help you build a fence, and your dog’s gratitude and happiness will reduce your liability immediately!


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