Getting Heartworm medicine for your dog

image Since December there has been a shortage of Immiticide, an FDA approved drug for treating heartworm disease in dogs, with all indications that this shortage is going to last for the foreseeable future.

Lately we have had a couple of rescue groups ask where anyone is finding heartworm medications to treat their dogs and so we asked around. 

According to a well-respected, rescue-friendly vet in Garland TX, while vets cannot STOCK Immiticide at this time, they can ORDER it. All your vet has to do is call Merial and order it. Merial is in the process of obtaining FDA waivers to source the medicine from their European supplier. This vet has treated six heartworm cases in the last month or so without any problems and there’s been no change in cost.

So we’re encouraging everyone who needs heartworm medicine to check again with your vets especially if you haven’t talked with them recently. Encourage your vet to call Merial and ask about getting supplies of Immiticide from their European distributors.

And if your dog has not tested positive for heartworm, be thankful and make sure you remember your dog’s heartworm preventive!



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