Letters Needed by Wednesday, September 8

DATE: August 31, 2010

Animal Lovers Everywhere:

The Metroplex Animal Coalition, whose focus is the city of Dallas, has begun a communication campaign with the City Council members and Mayor of Dallas to achieve necessary changes to the management of the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. We must put professionals in place and allow them to manage for the well-being of the animals and the staff at the shelter.

You’ve seen the news stories and all the e-mails about the cruel and callous way that Code Compliance management has been running the shelter. Links to all the news coverage are in the right-hand side-bar in case you missed something. ——>

Now it is time for you to take action and to help us with this campaign.

STEP 1: We need each and every resident of Dallas who cares about animals to write a letter to the Mayor and your City Council representative in Dallas. If you live outside Dallas, but work in Dallas, write your letter as an employee of a Dallas business. You need not give the name, but you might wish to use that address. If you don’t live or work in Dallas, you may write anyway, but please circulate to everyone you know in Dallas and urge them to write as well.

You can find your Dallas City Council representative by scrolling down to “Who’s Your Council Rep?” below or follow the link under “For More Information” in the right hand side-bar.———>

Remember, the Mayor represents everyone. Tell the Mayor and your council representative that you want them to do the following:

1. Reinstate the Division Manager of Dallas Animal Services position (which has currently been cut from the budget);

2. Hire an outside, independent search firm to do a nationwide search for an experienced, compassionate and cooperative Division Manager at a competitive salary;

3. Allow that Manager to actually manage Dallas Animal Services; and

4. Take DAS out of Code Compliance and put it with Public Safety.

Please express your concerns and demand that these four steps be implemented NOW.

Of course, feel free to express any other opinions your group has regarding the deplorable situation that has been allowed to exist at DAS and the criminal activity, but when we speak with one voice and are aligned in what we are asking for we become more powerful and more effective.

STEP 2: Then send your letters to the designated Coordinator listed below so they can be included in a binder to be distributed to the Council and Mayor.


Please speak up for the animals that must enter the city of Dallas shelter system. They are counting on you.

Elaine Munch, President
Metroplex Animal Coalition


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