What A Difference A Day Makes

City Manager Mary Suhm sent out a memo late yesterday announcing some changes at Dallas Animal Services.

According to the memo:

1. The Division Manager position (previously held by Kent Robertson) has been re-instated.
2. A nationwide search to find an experienced shelter manager to permanently fill the Division Manager position will begin as soon as possible.
3. Lt. Scott Walton of the Dallas Police Department will serve as the Interim Division Manager effective today. We’re told Lt. Walton is an excellent manager with common sense and the ability to get things done. The Lieutenant has 3 cats and a dog.

Skip Trimble, Chairman of the City of Dallas Animal Shelter Commission reports that “Ms. Suhm assured me this morning that Mark Cooper will remain in his current position dealing with rescue groups.”

Joey Zapata, Director of Code Compliance told Mr. Trimble that they are investigating the incident with the catch pole used on the injured dog – the story about which appeared in today’s Dallas Morning News.

According to this Dallas Morning News article, the Animal Control Officer involved in yesterday’s incident and the Officer involved in last week’s incident in which a catch pole was used on a cat, allegedly causing serious injury to the cat, have both been put on administrative leave.

The City Manager heard you loud and clear and by all indications is taking your concerns very seriously. For now it would seem that we need to give Lt. Walton time to begin to address the problems at Dallas Animal Services and give the City Manager time to find an appropriate search firm and get the process of finding a permanent Director started. Please feel free to continue to write letters of support for Mark Cooper, and to thank the City Manager for listening to your concerns. But keep in mind, for all the changes to be effective DAS should be a separate department out from under Code Compliance, or at the very least under the Public Safety area.

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  1. 4dogpillow Says:

    It is refreshing to find a City Manager that is responsive to the requests of the people she serves and the neighboring communities who have spoken with her. Thank you, Ms. Suhm, for taking corrective actions for unacceptable actions.

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