It's all good, right?

Morale at the shelter has begun to improve.  Lieutenant Walton’s leadership skills are apparent and staff discipline and communication are improving as a result.  He is very interested in learning best practices from other municipalities and is willing to look outside DAS for answers to many of the challenges he faces. He has been provided with information, resources, and offers of assistance from local and national experts – all of which he not only accepts, but welcomes.  And that is a refreshing change.  So While a nation-wide search for a new manager has yet to begin, please be assured the shelter is in good hands.

It would be nice if everyone would take a moment to thank the Council and the City Manager for 1) reinstating the Division Manager position at Dallas Animal Services and appointing Lieutenant Walton to fill that position until a qualified candidate can be identified, 2) allowing Lieutenant Walton the leeway to begin to redirect Dallas Animal Services in the direction of a more professional, effective and compassionate department, 3) promising to hire an outside, independent search firm to do a nationwide search for an experienced, compassionate and cooperative Division Manager at a competitive salary, and 4) quickly acting to reassure everyone that Dallas Animal Services’ Rescue Coordinator Mark Cooper was not being re-assigned (although no one we know really believes that was just a misunderstanding). Their contact information can be found here.

That said, the progress now being made is not because of, but in spite of continued ignorance and mismanagement in Code Compliance.  Whether Code Compliance is intentionally trying to undermine some of the progress being made, or just completely lacking in basic management 101 skills is yet to be seen.  Stay tuned……


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