Get your Garage Sale permit here! WHERE?

The Dallas City Council recently passed an ordinance requiring people who wanted to have a garage sale to get a permit first.  Ok, it’s only $15 and it’ll help protect neighborhoods from that guy down the street that insists on having a “year-round” garage sale.  Although looking at the City Hall website, it looks like it could take North Dallasites an hour or more to make the round-trip drive to either the Restaurant and Bar Inspections office on Goforth, the Code Compliance Building in Deep Ellum, or WHAT?  Dallas Animal Services?  Surely that’s a mistake.  With everything that is going on at Dallas Animal Services right now, the shelter staff is now issuing residents permits to hold garage sales?  Is that really what the City Council anticipated when they past the ordinance?  That Dallas Animal Services staff and officers would be responsible for taking applications, collecting fees, and issuing garage sale permits? 

I wonder how much longer the line in Lost & Found is now.  Yes, sir, we’ll help with that dog you found last night, help you search for the beloved kitty you lost, check out your neighbor who’s breeding pit bulls in the back yard, look into the latest cruelty report from DPD, and would you like a garage sale permit with that?  What will happen in the field? “Yes, ma’am, you do have to keep your dog on a leash, get it vaccinated for rabies and registered, get it off that tether, and get an intact animal permit.  It’s all part of being a responsible pet owner.  And by the way, would you like a garage sale permit?”

Come on. This is not going to help the staff regain a sense of pride in themselves and in their jobs.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re part of the City of Dallas Code Compliance Department, Animal Services Division.


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  1. dallasdogluvr Says:

    Yesterday (Sunday), I spotted a woman and 2 men selling puppies on a corner in front of a gas station. When I tried to notify the police of this illegal activity, I was told that this was a code compliance issue and was transferred to 311. I made a complaint there but was told that code compliance does not work on the weekends so it would not be investigated until Monday.

    In many of our bedroom cities, the police will respond to these complaints pretty much immediately. I guess that in Dallas, you get a free pass if you want to hawk puppies on the street corners.

  2. concerned4animals Says:

    You have GOT to be kidding!! This is just one MORE reason to GET ANIMAL SERVICES OUT OF CODE COMPLIANCE!!! Animal Control Officers cannot even register people’s animal when they are out in the neighborhoods because they aren’t allowed to collect money. But they can collect GARAGE SALE PERMIT MONEY?? Unbelievable! But then again, very typical of the people at CODE!! The City Council has to tell the City Manager to GET ANIMAL SERVICES OUT OF CODE COMPLIANCE!

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